So, to all of you still hating the Patriots, especially Roger Goodell…

you are still wrong. Oh, so very wrong.

As we have pointed out before, the science is not on your side.  And there are enough geeks around here that it was only a matter of time before someone did something like this: putting an equation on a Patriots jersey.  Specifically, the ideal gas law on a Tom Brady jersey.

Look… I know there are a lot of people who love to hate on the Patriots, and they love to hate on the coach and the quarterback in particular.  It’s practically a cottage industry in many places.  And clearly a lot of other teams and players hate the Pats, too.  The NFL website published a list on their official blog called “31 Reasons Why NFL Teams Hate the Patriots”.   Hell, a convincing case can be made that even ESPN hates the Pats.

Now, I can sort of understand all that to some extent, as Bill Belichick is hardly a warm, fuzzy, loveable guy, or at least his public persona comes across that way. And Tom Brady is the polar opposite, highly personable and likable, but to those critics he is just a little too perfect – all that garbage about him being a pretty boy married to a supermodel, yadda yadda yadda – so people still hate on him too. And the biggest reason that everyone hates the Pats, in my opinion, is because they just keep winning.  Sometimes by a landslide.

So with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I have acquired a special cake to honor our 4th wedding anniversary this week.  I put the ideal gas equation on myself.

Me = not a cake decorator.
pV = nRT.  Also, me = not a cake decorator.

It’s funny that our first post-wedding blog post (see link above) also involved sports for some reason.

Anyway, enjoy your Veterans Day, especially if you get the day off.  We will be enjoying some cake.




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