Lemme ‘splain… no… lemme sum up

First of all, the fantastic folks at Gentle Giant put up a link on Facebook to our post from the other day and we got all kinds of traffic.  Thanks, guys!

Yesterday Geoff and I went to the 2011 National Urban League Conference Job Fair.  It was absolutely, hands down, the best job fair either of us has ever been to.  The job fair was all of Hall A at the Boston Convention Center and was about half and half interesting vendors and people looking to hire.  We had more interesting conversations with people from all over the country than I can remember having in a long, long time.  Also, I got a pony.

The career fair section had people from all over the country.  On balance I’d say it was more beneficial for Geoff than for me, but all the same, it was good to get out there and talk to people and show them my resume and see the jobs that are open and where they’re open.  (Mostly, not here.)

After we were done there we went to pick up our good friend and sometimes commenter here, Leigh, headed over to the Garment District for their 50% off sale, got a few things we needed, and then went to our dinner reservation at The Fireplace in Brookline.  Anyone who has read this blog before, or who clicks on the food tag, knows that Geoff and I LOVE The Fireplace.  We’re having our rehearsal dinner there, we take friends there as often as we can, and we’ve been telling Leigh about it forever.  We finally went with her last night and she was totally bowled over.  Also, it was a slightly early Birthday dinner for Geoff.

Kevin, the forever excellent manager of The Fireplace, and Emily, the Mistress of the Bar, were both super fabulous to us last night.  Emily even put her Mixology skill to great use and helped us turn my theoretical ideas into an actual signature cocktail for the wedding.  It’s been posted on the wedding website and will be featured at the reception.

Also, I was lucky enough to have the summer ravioli on the menu last night and I can tell you, hands down, that it was the best ravioli dish I have ever had, here or in Italy.  If you haven’t been out to eat lately, get thee to The Fireplace.

Geoff and I will post more details later.  We have a lot to do today, a lot to follow up on from some of the super stuff we learned at the Career Fair, and more wedding related things to do.  Also, if you have a second, spare a thought for our families, we now each have a family member in the hospital, though neither of them is in danger of shuffling off this mortal coil, neither of them is particularly comfortable or pleased with their condition.

Ok, I think that’s a long enough summary.  More details later!


2 thoughts on “Lemme ‘splain… no… lemme sum up”

  1. Any chance of hitting the Fireplace while I’m in town THIS WEEKEND OMG? I will treat you/me/Geoff (cannot afford more, but that much I can do).

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