I’m in Dallas. On purpose.

Most of you know that I stay out of warm climates whenever possible.  Therefore it seems utterly insane that I left Boston today, in the middle of a snowstorm (Ursula was her name) to fly to Dallas.  Intentionally.  Where it was 80 degrees.

This is what I missed out on.  Photo credit @jaaabeee

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Hello again, everyone. Long time no blog.

I am just now managing to recover from I guess what you might call a flare-up of my old back injury.  For a little while, it was pretty bad.  But it is getting better.  I have been utilizing the collection of canes that Kelly and I got not quite six years ago when I managed, in the space of a few months, to badly injure my right knee and then my back.  Probably the worst injuries, at least in terms of recovery time, that I have ever had.

But this current episode makes no sense to me.

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This is why I left IT

I tried for over three years to find a decent job in IT after I was laid off.  Looking for work, and generally trying to improve my IT knowledge and skills, became my new job.  I went back to school to improve my IT skills.  I gained several new certifications, picked up many more books and attempted to improve my skills as best I could.  Over three years of job fairs, workshops, endless resume rewrites, countless applications, all sorts of professional and personal networking, honing of cover letters, (you name it, and I did it) but nothing worked.  In three years I got less than five interviews.  I tried everything.  Of course, plenty of people had advice for me on how to find a job. Some was good, a lot was bad, and much of it was contradictory.

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Sorry for the radio silence

I realized today that we haven’t posted here since the end of February.  We’re going to try to not let that happen again.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.

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The Seraphim Singers make the news and some more music

This link came to my attention today.  Jennifer Lester, the founding music director of The Seraphim Singers and a friend of mine, was interviewed about her 15 year tenure at the helm of Seraphim.  It’s a great read and I recommend it for you music nerds out there, and I know you’re out there.  Also, there’s a concert coming up.  More about that after the jump.

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