Today was my first day off after 11 straight days of work.  Why, yes, I am tired.

I did manage to fit in a job interview this afternoon for a part time job that I’m really excited about.  It would be a position that would allow me to work fewer hours at one of the jobs I have now which would be really nice.  It would also make my life more flexible which would also be nice.

There’s been some radio silence around here mostly because we’ve just been so busy surviving.  Geoff had his deadline for his Civil War Walking Tour which he made with flying colors.  The first tour is in less than a month from now.

I worked my first Youth pro Musica Summer Week.  It was great fun but it was quite a crazy week.  I met a bunch of very cool kids I will be working with throughout the year.  Incidentally, YpM is auditioning for new singers for the 2012-2013 season.  If you know any elementary, middle, or high school kids in the greater Boston area who like to sing, check out the YpM web page or email auditions@youthpromusica.org for more information.

We’ll be back with more of our hard hitting social commentary, snark, and humor in the coming days.  Right now we’re just recovering from exhaustion, cuddling with the animals, and writing thank you notes.  More soon.


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