Pretty ladies

Things are a little crazy right now.  We’re both pretty busy through the weekend.  But last weekend I was able to attend my friend Tessa’s Bachelorette party.  Like Teri and me, Tessa is also taking the plunge with her fiance, Brian, in September.  (Only, you know, I married Geoff and Teri is marrying Patricio.)

The theme of Tessa’s party was *sparkles!*  Here you go, the pretty ladies.

Pretty Tessa
We went to dinner at La Famiglia Giorgio’s in the North End. Tessa wore white and managed not to get any red sauce on her dress.
The girls.
There were 7 of us. These are 3 of the sparkly ladies.
Funny ladies.
Teri and Tessa ham it up for the camera.


brides to be.
Silly singer-bride-ladies are silly.

After dinner we went to the Improv Asylum for the 10:00pm show.  It was hilarious.  Unfortunately my camera was no enamored of the low light and I didn’t want to harass all the people around us with the flash.  So…

Blurry fun.
Teri took this photo of us. Unfortunately my flash-free camera was not able to keep up with the fun.
This would be my fault.
I guess because it is sideways it’s artistic?

That’s about all I’ve got for now.  Geoff and I are pretty slammed this weekend so it’ll probably be a few days before either of us posts again.




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