Count me as one of them

Yesterday there was a post on about a poll that showed that 50% of Red Sox fans now want Terry Francona back.

Yeah. Me too.  And in truth I never wanted him to go.  I have been pretty appalled by the Sox these past two seasons, and not just because of some bad playing and bad mistakes.  It’s because I see a lot of bad attitudes.   I always thought that Tito got the short end of the stick with all of the shenanigans that went on last year.  Of all the people they let go, I thought Francona was the one that they should have kept above all others.  The guy is a good manager.  He knows how to get great performances from his players without being a jerk.  And last year he had a lot of personal stuff that I am sure affected how well he did his job.  Still, one bad season is not a reason to get rid of him.  So yeah, I would love to see the Sox bring him back and get rid of Bobby Valentine, who in addition to being rather uninspiring to both fans and players, has a knack for shooting his mouth off in unfortunate ways.

But I honestly don’t see it happening.  That would require someone in the Red Sox leadership/ownership to say “OK, we screwed up by getting rid of him” and that will almost certainly never happen.




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