Well, this explains everything

Will someone please shoot it and put it out of our misery?

The Green Line turns 115 tomorrow.  Time to put it our of our misery, folks.  I’m lucky I don’t have to commute on in much anymore.  But I did a lot in years past and it was, hands down, hell.

Speaking of misery, I am really, really sick.  I have been coughing and hacking like a 2 pack a day smoker since last Thursday.  At first I attributed it to asthma and exhaustion from working for so long without a day off but now it appears to be some sort of lung-only infection.  As my real health insurance kicks in tonight at 12:01am, aka September 1st, 2012, I think I may make a trip to Urgent Care and find out what the hell is going on as I’m not getting any better.

*hack* *wheeze*


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