Tibetan Food + Operatic Zombies = <3

In an unlikely combination that could probably only happen in Boston and, specifically, only in Somerville.  Geoff and I combined an evening of tasty Tibetan cuisine with a Zombie Opera for our Valentine’s outing.


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@The_Fireplace is closing at the end of this year

and that just breaks my heart.  And Kelly’s too.  We love The Fireplace.  It was where we had our rehearsal dinner.  It is hands down our favorite restaurant in Boston, and believe me, that says a lot because there are so many good restaurants that we love.

We are going to try to go a few more times before they close.  At least they will be here until the end of the year.  But we are heartbroken.  We are going to miss that place, and we will miss seeing owner, chef and all-around great guy Jim too.

Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria can take over your building, but they can’t fill your shoes.


The World Cup, Dinner and Wardrobe Choices

So here’s a story about something that happened to us a while ago when the U.S. played Portugal in the World Cup.

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REMINDER- Meravelha tonight at #PBFund, PARK Restaurant, Cambridge

This is a reminder post for you Boston area music lovers that tonight is the Opus Affair Punch Bowl Fund at PARK in Cambridge.  It should be a great time, Geoff and I will be there, and we’re hoping to win the fund raising competition for Meravelha.  Please, come and have a drink for a good cause.

Details are here.

See you tonight!


If you need clarification, just ask

In this day and age of food allergies and intolerances, you’d think that being a vegetarian would be pretty straightforward.  Apparently, it’s still not.  I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years now and I still get people who are completely confused by what it means or who make assumptions about what I eat or don’t eat.  Some of this is cultural, some of this is just dumb, and some of this is people who just aren’t thinking.

So, for those of you who are so inclined, I’ve written up a handy reference chart.  Keep it where you keep the lists you consult when you’re trying to figure out what to make for the kosher vegan with the nut allergy when he comes over to visit.  It’ll make life easier, I promise.

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A Christmas tradition

Some friends and I have developed a Christmas Eve tradition that I am partaking of even as I type this. Do we exchange gifts? Do we throw a party? Do we sing carols together?

Yes, but not on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve we go out for Indian food at a very specific restaurant.

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A Pleasant Culinary Surprise

This past weekend Kelly’s father came to town to attend a convention.  Since both of us spent much of the weekend working, we did not really get to see him at all until yesterday, when we went out to dinner.  Now, Kelly’s father had decided to treat us, but he asked us to pick the restaurant, and he said he wanted to try something different, something he might not be able to try back home.

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It’s the end of the world as we know it – Mayan style!

Some of you may know that Geoff and I find all of this end of the world stuff, erm, endlessly fascinating and funny.  Between Harold Camping and his crew predicting the Rapture at least twice last year to the impending End Of All The Things this December because of the Mayan Calendar, we’re just laughing a LOT.

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The closest I will ever get to owning a restaurant

Those of you who are regular readers know that Geoff and I love food.  We love to eat it, to cook it, to bake it.  We have more cookbooks than we have room to store them.  Sometimes I think this blog is in danger of becoming a food blog.  Or, at least, a blog about our favorite restaurant.  Ahem.

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