The closest I will ever get to owning a restaurant

Those of you who are regular readers know that Geoff and I love food.  We love to eat it, to cook it, to bake it.  We have more cookbooks than we have room to store them.  Sometimes I think this blog is in danger of becoming a food blog.  Or, at least, a blog about our favorite restaurant.  Ahem.

Anyway, what I don’t write about often is my family, mostly because they like their privacy.  My sister, Jen, however, is like me.  She is usually the life of the party, she’s hysterical, a great writer (much better than me, actually) and if you’re the object of her scathing wit you just might wonder how a petite powerhouse managed to verbally disarm you in 2 sentences or less.

She also happens to have a very interesting boyfriend.  His name is Kar and he just happens to own a restaurant of his very own.  That in and of itself is pretty cool.  What is even cooler is that it isn’t some Friday’s franchise or a Dunkin’s; it’s a place of his own concept and creation and it has a Latin name.  I have to admit, I geeked out at that.

She emailed me a great article about it this afternoon and because all of the food shown in the article looks so tasty, I’m going to actually do more than just link to it, I’m going to actually paste some of it in here.  If you’re not hungry now, you will be by the time you’re done reading.  Promise.

Since Matt Levin stepped away from the stove at Adsum (700 S. Fifth St.) in late July, the role of top cook in the Queen Village bistro has been in flux. Though Levin’s sous, Rahjan Shabazz, was initially tapped to head up the kitchen, both he and co-sous Mark Regan left the restaurant last week. Owner Kar Vivekanathan, whose schism with Levin was rooted in philosophical differences over the nature and direction of Adsum’s cuisine, has just brought in a brand-new guy to execute a brand-new menu: Matthew Harnett, the Hop Angel Brauhaus and Slate vet Meal Ticket readers might be familiar with thanks to his handiwork in the realm of extreme burgercraft.

I should take a moment to point out that I don’t think I have actually met any of my sister’s boyfriends.  I’ve heard about them and often, from my parents, heard weather or not “we” like them.  Kar has gotten rave reviews.  I should also point out that the little part above about the two sous chefs taking a powder?  Yeah, that was last week and it happened on the day my sister was in the hospital having emergency gallbladder surgery.  Kar was there in the hospital with her for the whole thing and those chefs just took off.  Thanks, guys.

Kar, I haven’t met you yet but, dude, you get a gold star for hanging in there at the hospital and if that food is half as good as it looks, well, I just hope you stick around.  That invite to our wedding?  It’s in the mail.

For the rest of you, if you’re in Philly, you know where to go to get some good eats.


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