Wedding working weekend insanity 2011

This weekend was a combination of Geoff’s Birthday, our cake tasting, prepping our centerpieces, making our final trip to the Alfred Angelo store for the Bridesmaid dress shopping, and meeting the awesome hair styling and makeup team to get our hair and makeup trial.

I am tired.  Wow.

But!  We got a lot done.  We sampled and picked out the flavors for the wedding cake.  We had a tremendous time at Lyndell’s in Somerville with Karen, the lovely manager.  If you ever are in the greater Boston area and find yourself in need of superior baked goods go directly to Lyndell’s.  Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.  They have been in business for just about forever, they are amazing at handling exactly what their customers want and also at helping their customers figure out what they actually need.  Their cakes and pastries and assorted baked goods are just amazing.  Also, they are a nut-free shop for those with food allergies.  I cannot say enough good things about our experience on Saturday morning.  We all left with a sugar high and SO happy.

After our tasting at the bakery, Geoff and the maids and I came back here and unpacked all of the glassware for the centerpieces and the plastic silver chargers.  Everything had to be washed and dried.  Most of the glassware for the centerpieces are antiques picked up at various places over the last year+ and they needed a bath.  The chargers were all purchased from someone who had cleaned them after her own wedding but they had a distinctly odd odor.  Turns out they needed a washing and some time to air out which they have now had.  We worked together in the dining room, had lunch, and chatted for a while and then Liza and Geoff and the girls and I parted ways for a few hours before Liza and Geoff and I got back together for dinner.

Liza treated us to a planning dinner and Birthday celebration for Geoff at The Fireplace.  We had another amazing meal and got to talk to Kevin the Wonder Manager and Emily the Fabu Bartender.  I had another pasta dish and an appetizer I hadn’t tried the other night.  The appetizer was a tomato tart and it was outstanding.  I could have ordered about 4 more of them but I held back.

Today we went to our noon appointment at Alfred Angelo.  I didn’t have time to eat before we left so we hit Sonic on the way there.  That particular location was the first Sonic location in MA but none of us, other than Liza, had ever been to a Sonic before.  I had a breakfast sandwich and a diet limeade and then we went on our way to the store.  The girls spent a little over an hour and a half trying on dresses and separates and they all ended up with something they’re happy with.  Thrilled with, in fact.  The dresses and accessories, Liza got a wrap, are all just lovely.

We then headed over to Kowloon.  Geoff met up with us there and we met up with our fabulous hair and makeup artist for the first time, Karyn.  We had lunch, talked about wedding stuff, pop culture, and hair styles.  After we were finished we bid Geoff adieu and then caravaned back to Karyn’s place where we met up with one of her associates and everyone got their makeup trial and I got my hair trial.

I am THRILLED with the results.  We all looked like a million bucks, got a tremendous amount of planning done, and took some photos.  The photos will go up at another point.  I just finished taking my awesome hair down and I counted, Karyn used 64 bobby pins.  That’s some serious dedication, folks.

There will be photos soon.  It’s time for bed.  I’m actually sad to wash this awesome makeup off.  I’m glad I have photos of it and that I’ll get a chance to look like this again on the big day.  More later.


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