Boston Strong

It’s been a little over a week since downtown blew up and everything went to hell, but since then Boston Strong has become the catchphrase for how we’ve all held up.  The whole tough New Englander attitude, some would say “crusty”, is well known.  We’re tough people and down through generations we’ve been through a lot.

I have no idea who it was who coined the phrase.  I hope it wasn’t some marketing VP somewhere who’s made a mint from it.  It has helped, and it has spawned Watertown Strong and Collier Strong, on their own indications of what we’ve been through separately and together and how we’ll persevere.

Check out some of the images, below the cut, that have come up in the last week plus that I’ve liked the best or that I think are the funniest representation of Boston Strong.

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The closest I will ever get to owning a restaurant

Those of you who are regular readers know that Geoff and I love food.  We love to eat it, to cook it, to bake it.  We have more cookbooks than we have room to store them.  Sometimes I think this blog is in danger of becoming a food blog.  Or, at least, a blog about our favorite restaurant.  Ahem.

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