A Christmas tradition

Some friends and I have developed a Christmas Eve tradition that I am partaking of even as I type this. Do we exchange gifts? Do we throw a party? Do we sing carols together?

Yes, but not on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve we go out for Indian food at a very specific restaurant.

It all started because we were singing in an early-ish service and a later Midnight Mass. We were hungry and wanted food that was proximate to our late night mass, that was super tasty, and that wasn’t ridiculously expensive.

One of us, I no longer remember who, had the idea to call Bukhara. Lo and behold, they were open! We went, had a great meal, and made our 10:30pm call on time and well fed.

I think this is the 4th or 5th year we’ve been doing this. We’re regulars at Bukhara anyway. The food is always superb, the wait staff on top of everything, and the mood perfect after working and singing a *very* long day with only more hours to go.


So, Merry Christmas. We’ll be the group at midnight mass that smell like tasty, tasty Indian food.


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