Yesterday was Geoff’s 42nd birthday.  We both had to work during the day, but we arranged to go out to Kowloon with some friends for dinner last night.  Hilarity and a coconut, which may or may not be possessed, ensued.

We had been given a $50 gift card for Kowloon as a wedding gift so Geoff’s birthday seemed like the perfect time to spend it.  We ended up with a waitress who was AWESOME and who brought Geoff cake.  Naturally we attacked the cake and ate it before I was able to get a picture of it.  Ahem.

The evening started with a perusal of the drink menu.  There were two coconut drinks which caught Teri and Patricio’s respective eyes.  One of them came in an actual coconut (hand carved no less!) that was supposed to look like a monkey.

Teri drinks from the monkey.
Cue the monkey brain jokes in 3, 2, 1…

Sure, maybe a possessed monkey with extra eyes.

Anyway, the actual coconut was Patricio’s drink.  Teri ended up with a real drink in a fake coconut.  Our awesome waitress made sure to let us know that before she ordered it.  She enjoyed it anyway.

Teri's coconut.
She didn’t get to bring this one home. We were all sad.

A special shout out goes out to Tessa who is about 3 weeks away from moving most of the way across the country and who is getting married in about 7 weeks.  She came out to hang out with us anyway, which was fabulous of her.

We love you Tessa.
Tessa brings the awesome while Teri works on her coconut drink.

Amanda also came and celebrated with us.  She’s had a hell of a last few weeks so she also gets major props for being able to stay awake and laugh with all of us looney tunes.

Amanda waiting for her mooshu.
Amanda in a rare non-laughing moment.

You may have noticed the mirrored walls in the photos by now.  Kowloon is one part kitsch, one part where the 70’s went to die, and one part good old fashioned tasty food.  Their menu is larger than some books and the staff is always gracious.  It’s just decorated in a style that, as Geoff said, suggests “someone finished a high school production of South Pacific and then said,’ Well we hate to have all these perfectly good decorations go to waste.  Let’s open a restaurant!'”

It’s truly an experience and if you’re in the Rt. 1/Saugus, MA area you really must go.  How many other restaurants outside of theme parks have a river, a water fall, AND water features inside?

Happy Birthday, honey.


One thought on “42”

  1. Seriously, the food is just so good. And that cake was a big surprise. I was even more surprised that I was able to eat any of it after I stuffed my face with all that food.

    And they have other souvenirs too, not just monkey-skull coconuts.


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