I need to clean off my camera more often

I was working on updating our For Sale page last night and I realized that I had photos on my camera from when Geoff’s parents, sister, brother-in-law, and the kids were in town back in July.  Whoops.

So, without further ado, here they are.

We started the day by meeting at Pizzeria Regina at The Depot.  This was so we could enjoy the North End pizza experience while still being able to park.

Like grandfather like granddaughter.
Kate models for the camera while showing off her lemon smile. I had no idea she liked lemons so much, but this is apparently a common sight.
Pucker up.
She’s still working on that lemon.
Ben enjoyed his pizza.
Ben patiently waits for his aunt Kelly to snap yet another photo.
Will is about to duck under the table.
Per usual, Will tries to hide when I pull out the camera.
mmmm, sausage and pepperoni pizza.
Geoff smiles after having his favorite pizza.

After we finished our lunch we headed downtown.  We parked under the common and walked over to the Make Way For Ducklings statue in the Public Garden.  Kate really wanted to see it.

Make way for Kate!
Kate tries sitting on one of the ducklings.
Kate and Mrs. Mallard.
Mrs. Mallard seems to be a better fit.
Is she photogenic or what?
I have LOTS more photos of Kate on the ducklings, but these are the two best. She’s just about the most photogenic kid I’ve ever met.
Geoff, Ben, Kate, and Mrs. Mallard.
Ben and uncle Geoff get in on the posing with the ducks action.
Paul arrives in style.
You can’t really tell, but Will is hiding behind his dad.

After we left the Public Garden and the Common we stopped by King’s Chapel en route to Faneuil Hall.  Geoff gave us the full tour at King’s including the the bell and steeple and the basement crypt.  At Faneuil hall we did a little shopping and got some cool treats since it was a hot day.  In one of the shops Kate and I spied the following.  You’re welcome, JJ.

This store had a LOT of ducks.  And Lobsters.
Kate inspects the duckies. There were a LOT of different duckies.
See? Lots of ducks.
Kate briefly considered getting a rubber duckie but ended up with something from Build-a-bear.

And that was pretty much our day in photos.  In the future I will try to get them posted in a more timely manner.


4 thoughts on “I need to clean off my camera more often”

  1. Good God. JJ needs to buy STOCK in that store.

    I want the full-on Kings tour. I worked there and never saw the crypt.

    1. I can do that. Anytime you are back in town and we can schedule it in, I will be glad to give you a tour.

      And yes, JJ needs to be in that store at some point, so he can examine the full inventory.


      1. It’s a date.

        Can we buy him some of the inventory for next b’day/solstice/anniversary/whatever? I will so foot the bill (omgpun)…

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