Tibetan Food + Operatic Zombies = <3

In an unlikely combination that could probably only happen in Boston and, specifically, only in Somerville.  Geoff and I combined an evening of tasty Tibetan cuisine with a Zombie Opera for our Valentine’s outing.


As we mentioned the other day, we were planning on going to see Teri in her first Zombie Opera.  Actually, I think it was probably anyone’s first Zombie Opera if you really think about it.  No jokes about bad opera scenes in college.  Anyway, after work we ran some errands and then headed to Davis Sq.  We were looking for dinner (not brains, they’re not vegetarian) and we happened upon Martsa on Elm right down the street from the theatre.

It was really, really good.  Neither of us had ever had Tibetan food before, but we’re both huge fans of Indian and other Asian foods so, after reviewing the menu, this seemed like a great idea.  And it was.  We both got mango lassis, which were tall and cool and wonderful.  Geoff had the Chicken Delight and an order of amazing freshly baked Bhale wheat bread.  I ordered the Spicy Pumpkin Curry and Aloo Parantha bread.  The pumpkin curry (who’d have thought, right?) was amazing.  I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu.

We were in a time crunch or we’d have gotten some appetizers.  As it was, their portions were perfect and I had some leftovers.  We left without having spent a ton of money, our waiter was lovely, and we’re absolutely going back.  And we’re bringing friends.  If you’re in Davis Sq, or anywhere nearby really, this is a must visit.

As for the opera… be prepared if you go.  Fair warning, tomorrow night’s performance is the “splash zone” version.  If tonight is any indication, there’s going to be a LOT of fake blood involved.  If you’re going to go, don’t wear anything you treasure, make sure you have on snow or rain boots, and be prepared to sign a waiver of liability when you get there.  They don’t have time to clean up the blood, guts, and gore after curtain call before it’s time to leave, so if you slip and fall on somebody’s intestine it’s on you.

That being said, this is 50 minutes of opera buffo in blood soaked, fake body part, whip and crop glory.  The opera is sung in English, there’s a small instrumental ensemble behind the stage, some of whom are also made up to look like Zombies, and there’s a lot of fun to be had.  This is an opera that makes fun of the form, is totally aware of Zombies and their place in popular culture, and has no problem pointing out same sex relationships that traditional opera would file under the heading of “friends”, *cough*.

We went to see if because 1) Teri and 2) Zombies.  The takeaway was that spending Valentine’s weekend with Zombies is a lot of fun and that Teri is absolutely hilarious as a Zombie  Pirate.  Yep, you read that correctly.  In fact, you can see her step by step transformation below.

A newly made Zombie, Teri has not yet entirely transformed.
A newly made Zombie, Teri has not yet entirely transformed.
Teri is a full on Zombie Pirate now.  She's hilarious and dangerous.  You should see her tear into a limb onstage.
Teri is a full on Zombie Pirate now. She’s hilarious and dangerous. You should see her tear into a limb onstage.
See all that blood? She even managed to get it in her eye. Guess that’s why pirates wear eye patches.

We did our best to keep her from chomping on passing civilians.  It wasn’t easy.

About that chomping on people thing...
About that chomping on people thing…

All in all it was a fun night.  The theatre is a small one and the show for tonight was sold out.  We had purchased our tickets in advance so if you’re planning on going, get those tickets now.

Spend your Valentine’s Day with Zombies.  You won’t regret it.  Unless Teri bites you, then you might.  I’m watching Geoff for signs that he’s infected.  I’ll let you know…



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