Bitter cold this weekend

Wow, it got cold suddenly.  You know it’s cold when the temperature climbs up 20 to 25 degrees from when I got up this morning, and it’s still only 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have an old military surplus cold weather parka, the kind with fur (not sure if it’s real or fake, but I suspect it’s fake) around the hood.  Because it is so large and bulky and the hood makes me feel like I am peeking down a tunnel, I normally don’t wear unless we have really, really heavy snow or it gets really, really cold. So I have been wearing it this weekend.

Last night broke some records, and wind chills got quite dangerous.  Possibly the worst I have ever seen, as the RealFeel got down to 30 or 35 below zero.  I feel for anyone or anything that has to be outside this time of year.  This is not a good time to have to be outside.

Dash seems to be able to deal with the weather OK, at least as far as we can tell, but it is definitely not Thumbelina weather.  Thumbelina needs a coat when the temperature drops into the 50s.  Dash, on the other hand, seems to have a thick enough coat that even yesterday when I took him for a brief walk, the bitter cold did not dampen his enthusiasm in the slightest.  He loved being outside.


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