The Pats, our Mini, and absurdity taken to new heights

Anyone who knows me well knows that when it comes to football, I am decidedly… meh.  I just never got into the sport the way that so many other people (like Kelly) have.  Baseball is another story.  I love it.  Even hockey and soccer are sports I care WAY more about than football.  But still, I look forward to whenever the Pats go the Superbowl, because that inevitably means people I know will be throwing great parties with lots of beer, wings, and general awesomeness.

So this year the upcoming wingstravaganza Superbowl party seems to be dominated by talk about this mess regarding the slight under-inflation of footballs.  And frankly, I am a bit puzzled by the whole thing.

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A Pleasant Culinary Surprise

This past weekend Kelly’s father came to town to attend a convention.  Since both of us spent much of the weekend working, we did not really get to see him at all until yesterday, when we went out to dinner.  Now, Kelly’s father had decided to treat us, but he asked us to pick the restaurant, and he said he wanted to try something different, something he might not be able to try back home.

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