Long ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

…I worked for a church as a wedding coordinator.  I worked with people who wanted to get married in the church to arrange the details of their big day.  I also attended and sometimes ran their wedding rehearsals.  We had one couple who were making their arrangements from overseas and who were, apparently, HUGE Star Wars fans.

They indicated on their paperwork for their music selections that they wanted the Imperial March from Star Wars played as their recessional.  Nothing joyful or happy from Star Wars, they wanted the bum bum bum, BAH bum bum, BAH bum bum that indicates a Sith is coming.  And they wanted it played on the organ.  It would be a bit like playing the Reynes of Castamere as your processional.

At the time we not only didn’t have this particular piece scored for the organ, we’d never received a request for a secular piece of music that was so obviously associated with Evil for inclusion in an overtly religious wedding service before.  The request was referred to the church administrator and then on to the minister for a decision.  It was ultimately denied not only for liturgical reasons but also for practical ones, the organist wasn’t interested in writing a transcription or having to improvise one for such a well-known piece, on the fly.

Then again, we didn’t have this arrangement or this instrument to play.  This is quite a video and quite a recording.  Granted, it’s a different bit of the music from Star Wars and it isn’t an organ designed for a church, but you should absolutely listen to it.  And then you should share it with your geek friends.  H/T  here.

May the Force be with you,



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