TRS-80 Books and Manuals for Sale

I put this list together of all of the books that we have with the TRS-80 Model III and printers.

Model III Disk System Owner’s Manual

More TRS-80 Basic: A Self-Teaching Guide by Don Inman, Ramon Zamora, and Bob Albrecht

The TRS-80 Model II User’s Guide by Tony Bove and Leroy Fikel

TRS-80 Model III Operation and BASIC Language Reference Manual

Getting Started With TRS-80 BASIC

Fun With Microcomputers and BASIC by Donald D. Spencer

Instant Freeze-Dried Computer Programming in Basic, 2nd Astounding Edition by Jerald R. Brown

Announcing: Computer Games for Business, School and Home by J. Victor Nahigian and William S. Hodges

More Basic Computer Games: TRS-80 Edition edited by David H. Ahl.  Preface by Chris Cerf

TRS-80 DWP-210 Operation Manual

Assembly Diagram for DWP-210 printer

VISICALC Pocket Reference for TRS-80 Model III

VISICALC User’s Guide by Dan Fylstra and Joyce Uggia (Xerox copy)

1987 Radio Shack Software Reference Guide

SuperSCRIPSIT Reference Manual

SuperSCRIPSIT Figures Book in 3 ring binder

Addendum to SuperSCRIPSIT

SuperSCRIPSIT 3 ring binder from Radio Shack Software Library

Profile III Plus 3 ring binder

TRS-80 Model III Micro-Computer System Start-Up Pamphlet

Understanding Basic pamphlet by Richard G. Peddicord

3 ring binder containing the following:

TRS-80 DWP-210 Operation Manual; Bidirectional Tractor Kit for DWP-210 Operation Manual; Xenos: A 32k Disk Adventure for TRS-80 Model I/III; plus multiple copies of business forms from Go Today.

Add your $0.02.

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