FOR SALE- TRS-80 Computer with all the peripherals and manuals

You know, I often give Geoff grief about never throwing anything away.  He likes to keep everything.

Sometimes this works in our favor and he ends up keeping something really, really cool.  Like this.

TRS 80 Model III
It's alive!!!

We have for sale one TRS 80 Model III computer.  It WORKS.  It has not one but TWO printers which also work.  Check it out.

DWP 210
It works and we have cartridges for it!

And finally, the giant pile of manuals and stuff.  We have SO much stuff.  Check it out.

Floppies and manuals galore
Yep, those are floppies. No, we're not going to "upcycle" them.

We’re selling everything individually.  If you’re interested leave a comment here or send one of us an email and we’ll get right back to you.  We need to make room for more wedding crap in our apartment and we’d like to see this stuff go to a good home.



4 thoughts on “FOR SALE- TRS-80 Computer with all the peripherals and manuals”

  1. How much do you want for the computer itself? My wife is a computer teacher and started out on the
    trs 80. this would make an awesome surprize gift for her!!!!!!

  2. I would love to have a Model III; that was my first home computer. I wrote many Basic programs for personal use as well as for work.
    Our company was all TRS-80–Model II and Model 12. When they moved to IBM pc’s (which were not reliable), they disposed of their TRS-80’s.
    I saved them as long as I could, but ran out of space, and then we down sized. This post is dated 2012, so I’m sure it’s not active now.
    But, just in case, do you still have your Model III plus manuals and peripherals?
    If not, out of curiosity, how much did it all sell for?
    (I want to keep looking if it won’t be too costly.)

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