Well, we had a white Christmas more or less.  There was a little snow on the ground from Monday’s poorly forecast Rush Hour storm that snarled traffic and left Geoff in a traffic jam that meant it took him about an hour to get the 4 miles home from his interview.

Yesterday, however, was an entirely different story.  This time they got the forecast pretty much dead on.  They even got it right that the snowfall amounts would vary *wildly* not only from city to town but from block to block.  What started out as light fluffy snow ended up as heavy wet stuff.  Trees have come down and at one point about 60,000 people state wide were without power (that’s nothing compared to the ice storm from a few years back.)

Anyway, once we dug out from under our own Winter Wonderland, we took the dogs, dressed them (much to Rerun’s distress) and put them in the AWESOME red wagon my mom got us for my birthday last year.  It was intended as a Brimfield accessory, but it has all terrain wheels, so we figured we might as well try it out in the snow.

Behold, photos!  Of annoyed Chilly Dogs!  And snowed in trucks!

View from the front door, BEFORE shoveling.
Do you see stairs? I don't.
A view looking down our street.
The quietest you will ever see our street.
The truck, still snow covered.
No, we haven't actually dug it out yet.
See the hidden kitty?
This is what happens when you don't have storm windows.
Our Little Red All Terrain Wagon
Geoff and the Little Red Wagon of Awesomeness
Impatient Chilly Dogs.
Waiting for Daddy while he's in the store.
Spoiled, who's spoiled?
We may be freezing, but we're riding in style.

And, a picture from the dog park that we took on our way home.

A snowperson presides over the park.
Braver dogs than ours play in the background.

We’re back inside now nice and safe and warm.  The dogs are not traumatized from their wagon ride, and dinner is cooking in the oven.  We hope that wherever you are that you’re nice and safe and warm.


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