Brain Scans: Day 5


I just spoke with my neurologist and they’re going to let me go this afternoon.  The preliminary results are that I didn’t have any outright seizures but that I had a scattering of Sharp Wave* activity.  I have an appointment to follow up with her the week after next and she’ll have the final results then.  There is a lot of data to process, so it takes a while to go over everything (EEG, Video, Audio, reports from the staff, etc.)  I should know if there is any definitive diagnosis when I see her next, but for the moment I get to go home.  They’re going to come and unhook me in a little while and then I can take a shower, wash my hair, and Geoff can come and get me.



*Sharp Waves:  On an EEG, sharp waves are deviations from a normal brain wave activity and are distinguished by more sharply contoured waveforms of varying amplitude, or voltage. The duration of each sharp wave is 70 to 200 milliseconds. Spike waves, sharp waves, or distinct patterns of spike and sharp waves or spike and slow waves may be indicative of seizure activity.

5 thoughts on “Brain Scans: Day 5”

  1. Glad you are free! I have been thinking of you . . . BTW, I think all the “abnormal” brain activity is merely evidence of your superior intellect and acumen.

    1. Ha! I knew there was a reason I loved you guys. I’m going to tell my Neurologist this when I see her next and see what she thinks. I suspect she’ll have a theory of her own… but I like yours!

  2. So wait, I’m confused: if they’re not seizures, what in the hell are they? Things that look like seizures for which there is a fancy Latin name that boils down to “huh, we’d call these seizures, but they aren’t, so we can’t”?

    1. That’s kind of the open question. It might be that I have some sort of sleep disorder in which I twitch or have a surfeit of hypnic jerks or it might be that I do have a seizure disorder but that it just is *really* intermittent and that it is hard to diagnose. At this point I have confirmation that I have brain waves that can be epileptic, but that’s all I know. Whee?

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