Back in December my parents lost their Elder States Kitty, Maxx, to cancer.  It was right around Christmas and both of my parents have missed him a lot since.  Maxx was… particular.  The offspring of a tiny calico who formerly lived next door and a GIANT neighborhood Tom who was probably part or all Maine Coon, Maxx had a tiny head, huge body, and was all love.  He was a lap and shoulder cat who liked to sit in the chair in the living room with my Dad when he read or, ahem, “rested his eyes” and either cuddle on his lap or perch on his shoulder as if reading whatever my Dad was reading.

About 2 weeks ago my parents got to feeling that it was about time to add a new feline or two to the house.  My sister went online and looked for Maine Coon cats that needed a new home.  They found two 6 month old brothers who had been surrendered by their owner due to lack of time to care for them.  They had been surrendered at a high kill shelter in the south and had been transferred to a no kill shelter near where my parents live.  They applied, were approved, and were able to pick up the boys this past Saturday.

Introducing Meezer and Moon.  Pictures and commentary provided by my Mom.  All photos were taken at the shelter before the boys were picked up and taken home.

Meezer was pooped.
Meezer was pooped.

Here is a picture of a very tired Meezer.  He is more laid-back than his brother Moon, but they are both full of energy and love to play with a black shoe lace on the living room carpet.

Moon in a rare sleepy moment.
Moon in a rare sleepy moment.

This is Moon.  I can tell because he has more fur coming out of his ears.  This is an unusually quiet moment for him.  He usually does not want to miss anything and will bring you a toy to play with, even if it belongs to Jasmine!

Moon says, "let me OUT!"
Moon says, "let me OUT!"

This is Moon again.  When not taking a kitten nap, he is alert and ready to play, or attack your sweater zipper.  He also is the most vocal and is not shy about telling you that he wants your attention.

Moon explores the shelter enclosure.
Moon explores the shelter enclosure.

Here is Moon again!!!  I think he also likes to have his picture taken.  As you can see, these photos were taken at the rescue shelter before we brought them home.  They have been with us only 3 days, but are acting like they own the house already.  The first day they arrived, both kittens jumped onto Dad’s lap when he sat in the red chair.  That is what he misses most about Maxx, the chair time, so he was very happy.  Meezer stayed on his lap, but Moon climbed up on his shoulder just like Maxx used to do.

Moon woke me up this morning at 5 am, by climbing under the covers and sleeping on my pillow.  Without using his claws, he grabbed my face and started licking my chin.  How can you not like that?  I am wondering if this is basic Maine Coon behavior or did we just get lucky.

So, those are the newest family members.  I am hoping that we’ll get more photos from my Mom and Dad soon.  Enjoy the pretty kitties.


2 thoughts on “Kittehs!”


    I have wanted a Maine coon for approximately forever. Next addition, maybe? IN the meantime, I can live vicariously through the Diva!rents…

    1. Aren’t they adorable? I think at 6 months old they are already larger than Scratch. But I’m just guessing at that. My parents have radiators on either end of the living room and my Mom said when they came home from church on Sunday the kittens were stretched out in mirror image, one on each radiator. Kittehs + heat = love.

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