The new job so far

Well, I figured I had better put something up about the new job, so here it is.

So far, I am really, really loving it. Despite having to wear a tie every day (usually a suit in my case) it is quite laid back and everyone is just so friendly. I share an office with my coworker who is also a security analyst, and that is actually a good thing because the room is fairly large and a lot of other people have cubicles. But because of the nature of our work we have to have an office with a door that locks. But we have a fair bit of freedom, and so I will be bringing some personal touches to my office. I will probably hold back from going hog wild just yet, because we are going to be moving into another building in a couple of months and I don’t want to have too much stuff to pack. But the school is really great, and I am getting to do the kind of work I have always wanted to do in IT. They are already talking about me doing some classes for new users at some point, and they are also going to help me get more certifications. I will probably have my EnCase Certified Examiner certificate before the end of the year, as well as my Security+ and possibly my Linux+. There are some other certifications they want me to get as well, and of course I want to eventually get the big kahuna, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional, or CISSP.


Anyway, my first day (yesterday) was spent just trying to get everything set up.  I have a desktop computer with 2 monitors, a laptop computer, a company cell phone (an iPhone), all sorts of software and permissions that have to be set up, plus keys, my school ID, my school employee ID, my access key card,  my parking permit, and all the normal HR stuff.  So far we have finally managed to get my laptop and desktop up and running but the SIM card for my iPhone seems to be missing and my voice mail for my office phone is still screwed up.  But despite all the expected craziness, I am having a great time.  The campus is surrounded by all sorts of interesting places – restaurants, stores, landmarks, you name it.  My boss took our “department” (there are only three of us) out to lunch yesterday and it was nice.  And so I will be spending a lot of time getting to know the university and all of its quirks and ins and outs.  But it is really exciting.  I have a lot to look forward to I think.  I am going to learn so much in this job, and it is going to be so much fun.

And just think… in a couple of years I may be able to start graduate school.  For free.



One thought on “The new job so far”

  1. I cannot tell you how much joy I feel as I read what you write about being (1) gainfully (2) enjoyably (3) interestingly EMPLOYED. It makes my heart happy. *cheers you on*

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