I almost forgot to post this

My brother is currently doing a stint in Peru with a Habitat for Humanity like group.  This is the manner in which he met his girlfriend (who is no holds barred awesome) and this is how he spends his vacation time every year.  I think the last far flung destination he went to was Cambodia.  Anyway, when he first arrived, I got this email from him.  My brother has, um, a way with words.

Subject: not dead

Hi everyone,

I arrived safely in Lima on Monday afternoon.  The flights were uneventful and shorter than I expected the flight time from Dulles to Panama was about 4 hours and the flight time from Panama to Lima was a bit over 3 hours.  In the southern hemisphere I expected water the flow the other way, time to go backward and gravity to be inverted but sadly none of those things happened.  The Fuller boss (for lack of a better word) has an incredibly interesting history.  He used to work in Los Alamos in the 70s and for a while in the 80s he was a wanted man by Shining Path.  Currently I´m in La Florida which is about 100 miles south of Lima.  We got there by means of a 2.5 hour bus ride down the Panamerica highway along the Pacific coast.  I´ve always been disgusted by the Porsche Panamera due purely to its looks.  Now that I have been on the road (on which the race used to be run) after which the car is named I am offended that the beauty of this road has been usurped by Porsche for the monstrosity they call a car.  Enough of that.  La Florida is very dry and almost desert like.  And although it´s not as immediately beautiful or exotic as Cambodia, it´s starkness is quite striking.  We had our first build day today and it is occurring in a small village about 20 minutes away from our hotel.  The construction methods are similar in that concrete columns and beams are used as is brick.  Although it is built sturdier with more rebar here due to earthquake dangers.  Anyway we´re about to go to dinner so I have to get going.  I´ll try to write again soon.


The best part about all of this was that I got to be the one to text him with the news that bin Laden was dead.  When he first got my text he thought it was SPAM.  Once he realized it was from me he wrote me back for verification and then shared the news with the rest of the Americans on the work site, whereupon there was a small celebration.

Anyway, that’s the news from Peru.  If he sends me another email I’ll post it here.


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