ANOTHER totally self serving shopping post

Ideeli is doing it again.  They’re having a sale on Vera Wang porcelain.  It just so happens that we’re registered for Vera Wang Wedgwood Imperial Scroll for our china pattern.  You can get a place setting at Ideeli right now for $75.  That’s a lot less than the price Macy’s is charging and that’s where we’re registered.  Sales on Ideeli usually last for 3 days.

Shopping at Ideeli is by invitation only, so if you need an invite check the blogroll on the right hand side of the screen.  There’s one right there.


3 thoughts on “ANOTHER totally self serving shopping post”

  1. So.


    On the offchance that someone might possibly wish to take advantage of one of these offers that you periodically selflessly post for the shopping-impaired among us.

    How would that someone then – hypothetically – go about altering your registry to reflect that purchase, given that it would not have been made through the registry?

    Inquiring minds are in a housing-law task force but would still like to know.


    1. Bwahahahaha. Ahem, so hypothetically… Here’s how that works.
      1) You don’t worry about it. If we get our registry completely filled (HIGHLY unlikely) we return the overage for a store credit. If we get, say, more of one item than we need but not enough of another, then we return the overage item and exchange it for the item we don’t have.
      2) It is not unheard of for guests to shop elsewhere and then notify Store X that they have purchased a registry item from another store where it was on sale. Stores will often edit the registry accordingly.
      3) We should, in theory, have an extra of each to account for breakage. You have, after all, met the pets. So, if we get one more than we have registered for a given item, not the end of the world.
      How’s that work for you?

  2. Excellent. Good to know. I, of course, have no personal interest in this answer whatsoever. Nonetheless, I will be happy to pass it on to any party or parties who may find it of use.

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