Pahk youah cah in Hahvad Yahd

One of my funniest memories from back when I first went to Alabama and met Geoff was when we went to his regular Monday night group, lovingly called the “Terrorist Knitters”, and I met a bunch of his friends for the first time.  One of them was Bruce.  Bruce was Geoff’s mechanic and Bruce’s wife, Sarah, was an avid knitter and a member of the knitting group.  Bruce and Sarah arrived a bit later in the evening and when Geoff introduced me to Bruce and told him that I was from Boston, Bruce’s face absolutely lit up and he exclaimed, “Boston!  Say something!”

Bruce was under the impression that I was a native Bostonian and that I had a Boston accent.  I had to apologize and explain to him that while I had lived in Boston for a long time I did not, and still do not, actually have an accent.  He was very disappointed.

I was reminded of this memory this evening when I got home from a Red Sox game and happened upon this article on  If there is one place that you’ll hear varieties on what we lovingly call “Masshole-ish” or “Masshole-ese” it’s Fenway.  Geoff and I were theorizing on our way home that the yellow shirted vendors, who all speak with a Boston accent of one variety or another, are actually trained that way.  We suspect that if you’re walking around Fenway selling “ice cold beer” you’ll sell far less than if you’re selling “ice cold beah.”

Anyway, pictures from Fenway will follow.  Today was the end of a four game series against the Orioles and the Sox swept the series.  Though today the score was 8-6 as opposed to the spankings administered earlier in the series.  We were concerned that the Orioles might actually leave town with a little self esteem as a result.  I think Papelbon took care of that when he closed out the 9th inning.

More later, with pictures.


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