Kittehs in love

Of all of our furry children, Bucky (Buckminster Charles the III), is probably the most personable.  He loves people, is always around to greet newcomers, and can often be seen sitting in the window.  Years ago, when I lived on Beacon Hill in an apartment with a completely enclosed courtyard, he was often known to not only go window to window and visit my neighbors, but also to leap vertically to the second story and sit on their window sills to make his presence known.  He has always been very smart, an amazing athlete, and on top of everything around him.

Shortly after moving in to the apartment where we live now, Bucky put those brains to good use and figured out how to get out of the back door.  He was so stealthy about it that we didn’t even notice he was gone until he came home for dinner and sat on the back porch literally singing for his supper.  Our best guess is that he was outside for a good 8 hours or so.  We were absolutely stunned.  He, of course, waltzed back into the kitchen completely nonchalantly, ate his food, and then took up a position in one of the windows and proceeded to sing.  A lot.

Shortly thereafter we theorized that he’d met a girl and was singing to his girlfriend.  Bucky, like all of our pets, is neutered.  But, he was neutered shortly before I got him at the age of about a year and a half.  In cat terms that’s a little late.  There could be, theoretically, little Buckminsters running around out there in the world somewhere.  As a result of his late neutering, Bucky likes female cats, particularly Queens, a lot.

We have long since figured out how he managed to get out and fixed the problem.  He still tries but we watch him like a hawk.  He also managed to get Scratch, the kitten who thinks he’s a dog, in on the act.  We’re vigilant and the one or two times Bucky has slipped out when we’ve been coming or going in or out of the back yard a stern word usually gets him to turn around and trot back in.  Like I said, he’s smart.

He’s also in love.

In the last two-ish years we’ve seen a lovely calico female around our yard a LOT.  We figured out that she lives down the street.  She has a collar, she’s clearly well cared for, and she’s absolutely social.  When we’re coming or going from the front door she’ll often come up to us for pets and scritches.  The two parts of the house where Bucky spends the majority of his time are in the windows in the front overlooking out front patch of grass/yard/garbage can storage area and the back yard windows.  The back yard windows are at either of two levels, the one in our bedroom that looks out under the porch or the one in the kitchen that looks out over the back deck.  Those are his favorite places and he will literally sit there for HOURS, often chirruping and singing.

The window in our bedroom is probably his favorite.  It’s a small window so the extra fabric from the curtains is tucked in and makes a nice cat bed.  As we discovered recently, it also affords privacy.  Apparently, he and Pretty Calico have been meeting through the glass like Romeo and Juliet.  A couple of weeks ago I checked that window.  It was a cool day and I was thinking about opening it.  Bucky was sitting there so I didn’t, the window tips inward and would infringe on his space.  Then about a week or so ago Geoff and I checked again for the same reason and discovered this.

Ah Bucky, Bucky, wherefore art thou, Bucky?
What you can't tell from the size is that the hole is a little bigger than your average kitty paw. And it was made from the *outside* of the screen.

So apparently the romance is alive and well.  This probably also explains the 4:00am song fests that usually cause us to toss him out of our bedroom.  Pretty Calico must come on visits and has apparently developed such a crush on him that she’s tried to get through the screen to be with him.  While adorable, the Inn is Full.

If I can get a photo of Pretty Calico, I will.  In the meantime, here’s Bucky helping me wrap gifts.

Bucky relaxes on wrapping paper.
"I am supervising while you wrap gifts. See how helpful I am?"


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