What I did yesterday

I made this.  I also custom created the header, did the HTML for the resume there, updated her Monster.com resume, and got her a Google Voice number.  For the love of God, someone hire her!  Or, you know, me.  Or Geoff.


I also ran a bunch of errands and was reminded, yet again, of the fact that there are tremendous numbers of clothes designed every year for plus sized women that are just HORRENDOUSLY ugly.  Note to clothes designers: just because we’re size 14+ does not automatically mean that we want huge prints, shapeless shirts or dresses, or clothing without structure.  I promise.  REALLY.  Check in with Marina Rinaldi if you’re confused.  Or Ralph Lauren.  Or Calvin Klein.


2 thoughts on “What I did yesterday”

  1. Not quite as bad but petite is similarly problematic. If you don’t believe me check out the petite section at Macy’s or Lord and Taylor or whatever. Apparently most petite women are assumed to be elderly and not fashionable, which many older women in fact are. Finding a pair of petite jeans that are not horsey and don’t cost a fortune is like some kind of life long obstacle race, I swear…Was just @ Filene’s Basement the other day and saw a ton of Maria Rinaldi stuff on the clearance rack, thought of you.

    1. Oh, yeah. I believe you. There was a point in my life (5th grade I think?) when I wore adult petite clothes. They were all suiting type pieces that looked like they were supposed to go on the little old ladies at my church. While now a days at COOS that would be a compliment (we have cool little old ladies) back then it wasn’t.

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