You know you need him in your life

Seriously, you do.  How can you ignore this face?

Thomas a Becket mugs for the camera
How can you not love that face?

My friend, Andrea, at the Manor of Mixed Blessings has been rescuing, altering, and vaccinating cats for a while now.  Almost entirely on her own dime.  Mr. Becket up there has been one of the kitties who was more than willing to live outside and come by for the occasional Affection Emergency and some food.

Becket need some looooooove.
Becket has an Affection Emergency

Andrea talks here about the two latest kitties to come in, Becket and Briar Rose.  As I understand it, they’ve both been vetted, snipped, gotten their shots, etc.  Andrea is located in Virginia not far from the epicenter of the recent earthquake.  These two kitties were outside for the earthquake and then were corralled inside for the fun that was Irene.  Briar Rose has a home and, thankfully, will not be producing any more kittens.  She’s been the almost impossible to reach source of many of the kittens Andrea has had to vet and re-home over the past few years.

Becket is a laid back middle aged Tom who likes to spend his days laying on his back and demanding tummy rubs.  If you’re in the greater VA, PA, Del-Mar-VA area and would like to give Becket a home, or if you’re willing to drive to help get him to a home, please feel free to comment here or head on over to the Manor of Mixed Blessings and let Andrea know.  You can always send a little $$ her way via PayPal, I’m pretty sure there is a button on her website somewhere, to help contribute to the upkeep of these kitties.

But, seriously.  That face.  You know you need him, right?


ETA: Mr. Beckett has been adopted and is happily living in MA now with his new family.

2 thoughts on “You know you need him in your life”

    1. I did not know that. This guy still needs a home and I know the woman who has him. She’s lovely. I can put you in touch with her if you or Ren would like. Let me know. You can send me an email if that’s easier.
      P.S. She’s a vet, too.

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