Back from New Hampshire

Yesterday Kelly and I put Rerun and Thumbelina in the car, drove up to Lowell to pick up my Aunt Donna, and then drove to New Hampshire to see Liz, Dan, and the kids.  Once again the dogs ran around with their cousin Ralph for a while, and poor little Ralph was so excited to see us that he literally peed everywhere.  And I did not help keep a clean carpet either, as I accidentally tracked dirt and mud into the house myself.  That’s because I am a genius.  Really.

This is the first time that we have seen the place since their furniture and other stuff arrived.  It was interesting to see all of the work they had gotten done around the place.  Dan’s dad had made a lot of shelves and cabinets while he was there and did a superb job with it.  They have a lot of outdoor furniture and have started working on turning the yard into a real living space.  And they already have a nice new snow blower.  Boy are they going to need it.

Anyway, we had dinner together (Liz had whipped up a nice dinner for all of us) and talked for a good long time.  We also watched a couple of movies, with the Kate-friendly Gnomeo and Juliet in one room and the historical piece Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World in another room.   Aunt Donna had brought that movie for Kate and I brought the other one for the boys to see.  I had told them they should see it before we go see the U.S.S. Constitution in the Charlestown Navy Yard.

So by the time we got Aunt Donna home and then got back to Cambridge, it was 2 AM.  Still, I am glad we went.


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