Apparently it’s an epidemic

Tomorrow is the day we had set as the RSVP no later than date, and so naturally something like half of the people we invited have not yet responded.  No, that’s not an exaggeration.  Half.  Including half of the choir.

In ordinary times, this would be a severe annoyance.  But these are hardly ordinary times for us.  The thing is, we already have a hell of a lot to worry about that is not wedding related.  In fact, we have a mound of troubles that at times feel pretty overwhelming for both of us: family and pet health issues; continued unemployment; the disappearance of all our money; the strain of having to find time to not only look for work, but to file endless amounts of other paperwork; dealing with all sorts of bureaucracies (especially stressful for me); and the latest, worrying about whether or not we will have to move because we can no longer afford our current apartment.  That alone will probably end up creating all sorts of new problems on top of everything else.

This wedding should be the one consistent source of hope and joy for the two of us, and we certainly hope that it will be a wonderful experience for all our family and friends too.   We are looking forward to it, now more than ever.  So please, people.  I am honestly begging you.  For the love of God, give us one less thing to worry about, and send in your RSVP cards.   If you have lost it, misplaced it, or just haven’t gotten it, please let us know if you have not already.   There are still things you can do, like RSVP on the wedding website.  We need to meet with the caterer and tell her just how many people we are having, and what they will be eating.   We need to do that soon.   So please don’t make us have to start calling people one at a time to find out whether you are coming, or if you are singing in the choir, or if you are going to have the vegetarian dish or the chicken or whatever.  Kelly and I would much rather be calling prospective employers than doing that.


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