Since we haven’t talked about the animals in a while…

Smoky is doing much better.  It’s strange to see how much weight he has lost since he got really sick.  He seems so much happier now.  You can actually see some of his little bald patches filling in now, and his chicken legs are growing fur back on them too.  Right now he is lying at my feet as I use the Furminator on him – purring, twitching his tail slightly, and kneading with his front paws –  just as content as can be.

Now that the weather has finally gotten a lot colder Scratch has finally decided that it is time to cuddle.  As the temperature drops, Smoky will join us, and then finally Bucky, the holdout.  On really cold winter nights we will have all of the animals with us.  It’s actually going to get below freezing tomorrow night, and the following night as well.  Cold weather got here just in time for my late-night detail on Friday.

Still, I am glad fall is really here.  Finally.


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