Yet another spring day… in January… in BOSTON

The weather is seriously messed up.  This is just nuts.  The temperature got up to at least the mid-50s today.  I wore a t-shirt with a light jacket over it while I was out, and I actually had to take the jacket off because I was getting too warm.  This is like an Alabama winter.   It is not remotely normal.


2 thoughts on “Yet another spring day… in January… in BOSTON”

  1. Yes Geoff and it’s confusing the wildlife and nature in general for sure. I’m based in the UK and so far we have had only a handful of Air Frosts and a couple of snowflakes in the wind.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

    1. Thanks for commenting, Tony!
      I don’t know what is normal for the UK where you are, but normally by the end of January we have had almost 2 feet of total snowfall. We have had maybe four inches this year, maybe five. And last year by this time we had almost five feet.

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