Save the date! ~ Sunday February 19th 3:00pm ~ The Seraphim Singers

Please join the Seraphim Singers at 3pm on Sunday, February 19th at Mission Church in Boston for a commemorative 15th anniversary concert followed by a celebratory reception.

Seraphim-logoLa Variété Française
French choral music from the twentieth century has an unmistakably distinctive character, whether it be quiet sensuality or majestic grandeur.  Appropriately, The Seraphim Singers marks its fifteenth anniversary with an all-French program that showcases the ensemble in one of its earliest-defined specialties.

Dupré Four Motets for Choir and Two Organs
Gigout Grand Choeur Dialogue
Langlais Mass in Ancient Style
Messiaen O Sacrum Convivium
Vierne Messe Solennelle for Choir and Two Organs

Organists Heinrich Christensen and Glenn Goda join The Seraphim Singers for this performance.

Seraphim poster Winter 2012
La Variete Francaise

To accommodate the Gigout, Vierne, and Dupré works—all of which are scored for two organs—Marshall & Ogletree of Needham, Mass. will create a digital “clone” of The Mission Church’s magnificent Hutchings pipe organ, to be played from a second console near the front altar.  Some organ enthusiasts question whether digital organs can sound as authentic as their pipe counterparts.  This concert will give listeners an opportunity to experience two organs—one pipe and one electronic—with otherwise identical musical capabilities in the same acoustic, putting the digital instrument to the ultimate aural test.

Jennifer Lester, Conductor
with Heinrich Christensen and Glenn Goda, Organists

3:00 P.M.
Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mission Church
1545 Tremont Street, Mission Hill

Located within walking distance of the Green Line, Orange Line, and major bus routes.          

Tickets: $20 Adults / $15 Students & Seniors, available at the door using cash, check, or credit card.

Visit for additional details.

2 thoughts on “Save the date! ~ Sunday February 19th 3:00pm ~ The Seraphim Singers”

  1. Oh, NOM. Sorry I can’t be in town for this one! (Hell, I’m sorry I don’t get to sing this one.) And not only for the rep, but for the celebration. Hope it goes gorgeously. I’ll be there in spirit, rejoicing with y’all.

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