Never mess with dog lovers

I guess I should amend that to, “Never mess with animal lovers.”  For me it is a more accurate statement as I am neither a dog nor cat person but an animal person.  But, it was the dog lovers who got Michael Vick sent to jail and fired by the Atlanta Falcons.  Now he’s consigned to the Philadelphia Eagles, my least favorite football team.  Is he still making money?  Sure.  But is he being watched like a hawk?  Absolutely.

Also, dogs can tear him apart whenever they like.

It may be that Mittens Romney is now about to face the same fate.  The Dogs Against Romney group is mobilizing to let everyone know that Mittens has a problem when it comes to common sense, pet ownership, and humane treatment of animals.  This story has been around for a while and it comes back to bite him frequently.

I didn’t vote for him for Governor of our fair Commonwealth and I wouldn’t have voted for him for president, either.    There was never any chance of that.  But when the dog story surfaced it cemented in my mind that Mittens simply has no compassion, no common sense, and no comprehension of the needs, suffering, and helplessness of others.

Those are, I believe, useful and necessary qualities in a leader.  Especially the leader of the free world.

The DAR folks (the only DAR I’d ever join, for the record) held a protest today in New York outside the Westminster Dog Show.  I think that’s brilliant.

Also?  I want one of these.


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