Abnormal weather yet again

So far today we have tied the record for the warmest March 8.  I am wearing shorts today.  In some ways I don’t mind, after all it’s a nice day outside.  But I am concerned about the general weather trends, and the predictions that spring this year is going to be warmer than normal for us.  In light of the fact that we had so little snow this year, and thus there is not much snowpack to melt this spring, a warmer spring could spell trouble for gardeners and farmers.  We could have droughts to worry about.  And it could mean increased risk of fires.

ETA: We broke the record after all.   The old record for March 8th was 67 and it reached 68 degrees.  Records have been kept since 1872.  Right now here in Cambridge it is 66 degrees, with the wind clocking in at 20 mph from the south south-east.

I was hoping to plant some herbs this spring, if I can manage it.  I do have a love for things that grow.  Just like hobbits.  Fresh herbs are so nice for cooking.  Maybe I will try making some flavored vinegars or olive oils.


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