Forwards from our parents

Geoff and I both have Parents With Email.  This is often a good thing as it is easy to get in touch with one another.  We can email family photos and wedding related things back and forth.  Things that 10 years ago would have required a carefully timed phone call can now be handled over the internet.

Except for the forwards.  You know, those forwarded emails that you sometimes get?  Our anecdotal research suggests that you are 1000.00% more likely to receive them from your parents than from anyone else you know.  Or have ever met.  Or will ever meet.

Sometimes this results in emails back to the parent involved with an explanation that no, Bill Gates really isn’t going to send you $1,000.00 for forwarding that email, the child in the email was cured of cancer 15 years ago and DOES NOT need cards mailed to her, that pushing a certain button combination on your cell phone does not automatically tap into a hidden source of battery power, and 911 is not changing.

You get the idea.  You introduce them to Snopes and hope that it sticks.

And then sometimes a parent passes along something like this.  And it merits a blog post.  In this case the email was called, “Ads you may never see again.”  I think it should have more appropriately been called something like, “Ads from a different era: The Mildly Funny, The Wildly Inappropriate, The Wholly Offensive and More.”  You have been warned.

offensive ad15
mmm, makes me want to crack a tooth.
offensive ad14
More doctors also drive gas guzzlers than any other type of car. Does that make it a good idea?
offensive ad13
Oh, gee, that must be what's wrong. No cola in the baby bottle...
offensive ad12
You know, I'd heard of women in this time period swallowing tape worms to stay thin. I just never thought I'd see an ad for it.
offensive ad11
Wow. A vitamin so you can clean the house better so you can look better for your husband. I...
offensive ad10
Oh, wait, it's not coke in the bottle, it's beer. My bad.
offensive ad9
What's scary is that people collect these cans.
offensive ad8
This ad would have made so many arguments so much easier when I was a kid.
offensive ad7
Because emotional blackmail is key to any healthy relationship!
offensive ad6
The only way this could be worse would be if she was actually kissing her Christmas gift.
offensive ad5
Wives are also for killing you in your sleep when you get them a stand mixer or vacuum for their Birthday.
offensive ad4
Remember what I said about your wife killing you in your sleep? Yeah, that.
I don't know about you, but I totally think of washing my windows and eating nutritionally deficient cereal as a great substitute for cardio and a balanced diet.
offensive ad2
Outdated, really poorly laid out, and I don't think I've ever seen a sober group of adults that happy about something that looks like a hand puppet.
offensive ad1
Wow, Lane Bryant, has "chubbies" ever been an inoffensive word? And, really, does that girl in the drawing look chubby? Cause we're not seeing it.

There you have it folks.  The contents of the entire email.  Hope you… enjoyed?


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