Our little garden

For over 15 years, I have been a gardener.  Specifically, an heirloom gardener and an organic gardener.  Although I have always had at least a passing interest in gardening and farming because of my grandparents, I developed an intense interest in them after I started volunteering at Burritt Museum and Park (now known as Burritt on the Mountain) way back in 1995.  With some very good mentors (the curator and some experienced guides from the historic park) I quickly learned how to appreciate the older varieties of vegetables that would have been recognizable to someone living in the 19th century.   I also learned about herbs and their long history of cultivation.

Anyway, since I moved to Massachusetts my garden has been, by necessity, a lot smaller, because we simply don’t have the space anymore to do anything really big like pumpkins or corn.  And last year was the first year that I was not able to plant anything at all, not even herbs.  But this year I have planted some herbs and some lettuce, which is enough for our little space.

Three kinds of lettuce: Romaine, Red Oak Leaf and Black-Seeded Simpson.

Our back deck does not get enough sun for anything that grows a fruit to flourish.  But we do get enough for salad greens so I try to plant some useful things that I know we will eat.  And I plant herbs that I know I can use.

Rosemary, oregano, a mint that actually survived from two years ago (they really are weeds) and coriander (cilantro).

I wish my bay bush hadn’t died.  That was the only herb that had moved up here with me.  I will have to try to find bay somewhere around here and get a new one.

Catnip and lemon balm. Scratch really likes catnip. He really really really likes catnip.

So aside from bay, I think this is probably going to be it for the garden this year.  If I get anything else it will probably be something like chives or dill.  I did manage to find some savory, which is a great but often overlooked culinary herb.

The savory sits next to our new smoker (wedding gift from our neighbors) which I am hoping to try out this summer.

Last night I actually had to cover everything up because the temperature dropped down to below freezing, and it will again tonight.  Hopefully this is the last gasp of winter and I won’t have to do it again.


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