Well, that went by quickly

There’s nothing to do but to come right out and say it.

I was laid off today.

I had six weeks of work and now I’m unemployed again.  As my unemployment had run out right before I got this job, 6 weeks of work isn’t going to get me back on the rolls.  Our health insurance runs out at the end of May, and I am going to go back to working shifts at my part time jobs as much as I possibly can.  Meanwhile, all we’re left with is prayer.

We did go to Brimfield this past weekend.  It is a blessing that they waited until after our honeymoon to let me go, otherwise this past weekend would have been miserable.  As soon as we’re able to get our treasures photographed we’ll post the interesting ones online.

Meanwhile, if you know of anyone who’s hiring…



4 thoughts on “Well, that went by quickly”

  1. Well, FUCK.

    That fucking sucks.

    I’m so sorry. DAMN.

    I have nothing useful to say. Just angry and frustrated on your behalf. (That and a quarter…)

  2. Hey there…Niki just told me the other day…This obviously happened when I was out of the country so I’m sorry to be so tardy…Sooooooooo sorry and bummed and pissed off on your behalf. Hoping that by now maybe something positive has come through.

    1. Yeah, I know. There was no point in chasing you down on your vacation to tell you. Still unemployed. We scraped by with like $40 in our checking account after paying rent. No money for a June T pass and no money for groceries till we can get back on food stamps. I’ve had some interviews but nothing has come through yet. So… yeah. This just sucks.

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