I guess we’re continuing with the theme

I was reading an article on Boston.com about a rather inspired prank pulled by the graduating class at a local high school when this link at the bottom of the article caught my eye.  It was one of those, “if you’re reading this article then you’ll like this one too!” type of things.

Um, I’m not entirely sure what the computer based that decision on, but it sent me to this.

Chef Accidentally Stabs Herself to Death With Kitchen Knife

Posted by April Peveteaux

on April 25, 2012 at 5:20 PM

knife accidents in kitchenYou may think this story out of Malaysia sounds suspicious, and I admit I did too. Cynthia Tan Kian Hoon, a chef at work on breakfast, apparently slipped with a six-inch knife and stabbed herself in the ribs, killing herself rather quickly. Her son and another worker in the restaurant reportedly ran to her when they heard the screams, and she collapsed and lost consciousness. Apparently the chef had hit a major artery and bled out quickly in front of her son and co-worker.

Those witnesses, and the fact that my husband cuts himself accidentally almost every time he’s in the kitchen, make me truly believe this was a freak accident rather than a shoddily covered up murder.

Which makes me think we all could use a lesson in knife safety around here, yes?

This is from The Stir at CafeMom.  I swear to you, I’m really not trying to come up with this bizarre macabre stuff.  It just keeps finding me.  I’m worried I’m going to wake up some morning and Geoff and the dogs will be replaced with a horse head in my bed.


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