Stewie and Koko

Regular readers around here will know that Geoff and I have a HUGE soft spot for animals.  Ours are our kids and we’ll make sure that they eat and go to the vet before we go to the grocery store or the doctor.  They are our family.

As a result, we spend a lot of time helping other animals, individuals, and rescue groups get animals in need the care and homes they need.  Today I’m going to tell you about two of them.  One of them is a lot luckier than the other but they’re both special in their own way.  I hope you’ll take the time to listen to their stories and help if you can.

Stewie was rescued by Broken Tail Rescue.  Our friend, Teri, is a regular volunteer with BTR and we help out with rescue connections on the internet and publicity whenever we can.  Last night Teri emailed us with this information about Stewie.

He was a stray in Worcester, MA that someone spotted with wounds to the eyes.  She was able to get him into a carrier and he was transported to Tufts Emergency Veterinary Medical Center to see if they could save his sight.

Stewie BTR
This was Stewie hiding out in Worcester before he was coaxed into a carrier and brought to the vet.

There is more info on Stewie here.  That link leads to his Chip In page where BTR is raising money for his eye surgery.  I will warn you that there is a more graphic photo of his eyes in which one is bleeding but I think that only serves to highlight the exigency of this situation.

Please, if you have any spare cash, consider donating it to Stewie’s medical fund.

And now, Koko.  Last week my vet of over a decade got in touch with me.  He’s become the temporary caretaker of Koko, a 14 years young red long haired male dachshund who needs a new home.  Koko’s owner has become seriously ill and is no longer going to be able to care for Koko.  My vet has taken care of Koko since he was a pup.  He’s currently fostering Koko and so Koko is in no imminent danger of being put down or of needing a new foster home.

Here are some photos of Koko loving on one of the vet techs at my vet’s office.

Koko likes to give kisses. Lots of kisses.
Koko is also a big snuggler. He wants people of his own to snuggle with.
Just look at that face!

As Koko has had back surgery he has a little swagger to his walk.  I’ve worked with dachshunds who’ve gone through this before and I can tell you all about it.
Koko should ideally end up in a home without small children.  Children well versed in handling a dachshund are OK, but kids too young to understand are out.

Homes with a limited number of stairs are ideal.
Homes with easy access to an outside area are ideal.
Homes with one or more individuals home the majority of the time are ideal.
Koko gets along just fine with other animals, even big dogs.

I’ve pasted in below what my vet emailed to me when he sent me these photos.

Here is Koko - a sweet fourteen and a half year old long haired male  
dachshund.  While I have been his veterinarian since he was a puppy,  
he has come into my complete care following developing health issues  
of his previous owner.
He is a sweet old man who deserves a great retirement home for his  
last days.
In 2004 he suffered a disc rupture that required surgery and rehab and  
has left him with a slow unsteady gait and some incontinence issues.
Recently Koko had major lab work run and appears amazingly healthy for  
his age.  We recently removed most of his teeth and his mouth has  
healed well and he has an immense appetite.
While his is un-neutered, his testicles pose him no imminent issues so  
we opted to not operate on him at this age.
We currently have Koko on a small dose of an anti-inflammatory for his  
arthritis and back and heartworm preventative. His vaccines are current.
He is extremely sweet and asks for just a belly rub from time to time.

Essentially, Koko has received stellar care.  He’s had a dental, all of the blood work you could want, and all of his health records are in place.  He’s good with pretty much everyone and now is just seeking a retirement home of his own.  If you think you can provide that retirement home or know someone who can, please be in touch.  This little guy deserves his own people and his own bed at night.

Thanks for everything you do, folks,


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