Energy efficiency for the win

The past few weeks have held a lot of change for our humble home.  Although it has not been the hottest summer on record for Boston (as far as I know) it has been rather warm.  Kelly and I held out for a good month and a half before finally caving in and putting in our two small window AC units and turning them on.  But that is not the only thing different.

Our landlord recently sent over a crew to put on a new roof, and another to paint the entire building plus make a lot of small repairs and improvements.  The front doors needed work more than almost anything else, and they completely replaced the hardware and painted and sealed it.  They also put in a new full-size mail slot so magazines and small packages no longer have to get crammed through the old tiny one or left outside.

Most importantly, the improvements combined with our insulated curtains and new weather sealing seem to have made the job of keeping the house cool much easier.  Before we started running the AC units the temperature in the house had climbed to over 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  The computers and the dogs were starting to show signs of being overheated.  Kelly moved her laptop downstairs (where it is usually 5-10 degrees cooler) and we tried to cool the dogs off by giving them a much-needed bath.  So that’s when I put in the AC units.

As a result, lately the interior of the house has been a comfortable 74 degrees.  Just wonderful.  It makes me feel so civilized.  Still, I can hardly wait for fall to get here.  Summer has never been my favorite season.


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