Someone is clearly tired of the election hype

Yes, it’s possible that person might be me, but in this case it’s a t-shirt designer.

This came in a recent email from  There were a whole slew of t-shirts mocking both sides, but this one was absolutely the best.  It actually made me laugh out loud.  Then I may have wept for humanity a little bit.

Lohan - Snookie 2012
Lohan & Snookie 2012? That’s a prospect so utterly terrifying that Mittens almost looks good. Almost.

Yeah, that’s about all I’ve got on that one.  I’ll stick with the sentiments expressed in our front window, thanks.

our front window
Hat tip to Amanda for getting us the signs.


One thought on “Someone is clearly tired of the election hype”

  1. Nice — looks like my window 🙂 So I have an actual Warren lawn sign of the new super humungo size for you, was able to snag a few while canvassing last weekend so I have one in each of my street windows. My apartment now veritably screams ELIZABETH WARREN, bitches!!!!!!! 😀

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