Closed due to… snow?

As you probably have heard by now, most of the eastern seaboard is dealing with a little storm.  There are a lot of closures and various emergencies being declared including right here in MA.  Tonight I was at a party after work for a retiring colleague when my boss, at the request of another coworker, pulled up the MFA website on her phone to see if they were closed tomorrow.  This is what she saw.

MFA closed, for what?
I hate to inform them, but this is a rain storm.

For the record, the MFA is like Logan, they close when the wind is blowing the wrong way or when it isn’t 70 degrees and sunny outside.  It doesn’t have to be snowing for either of these institutions to close, it just has to be inconvenient.

What I find funny is that the web page error, thoughtfully captured in a screen shot by my boss, is really a bad FAIL.  This storm isn’t going to produce snow in Boston and whoever was responsible for putting up what is, I know from experience, a really easy content change was either just lazy or stupid.

I’ll be home tonight and tomorrow while the sky is falling and the state of emergency is in effect.  I’ll be making jewelry (more on that later) and catching up on sleep.

Good luck with that snow, Boston.  Over here across the river we’ll be worried about plain old wind and rain.


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