Frighteningly Beautiful

I took these photos on the way home from work on Halloween.  I just happened to notice that the light, trees and the clouds were just right.  I only had my cell phone but this is what I got.

I haven’t done any editing or retouching other than some cropping.

Moon coming out of hiding
The moon was coming out of hiding as I crossed the street on my way home. 10/31/12
Closeup of the moon and the clouds
This was just as the clouds were beginning to clear. It almost looks like there are bats up there.
Through the trees.
I don’t walk through a forest to get home, but the foliage on this tree could have fooled me.
Into the woods.
This is one of my favorites.

And finally…

Full moon.
No clouds but lots of branches.

I hope you enjoyed these.  They made me really happy both to take and to review.


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