Because the internet needs more cats

A couple weeks ago Geoff and I were at Amanda’s place. Her kitties are photo-shy on a good day, but I managed to snap a few photos with my phone that were decent. We can always use more photos of beautiful animals in the world.


Avery likes to hide in the bath tub. He was there the entire time we were visiting.


Amanda has a very clean bathtub.


Stewart sat next to me on the couch. He’d shown up for some scritches and play time. He was a bit vexed that we were involved in human activities like “talking” and “dining” when we should have been getting out the red dot for him.


This was as close as I could get before he decided that the bedroom was a better place.

I am, incidentally, posting this with my shiny new WordPress Android app so we’ll see how it goes.  Enjoy the photos.


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