Modern marine archaeology

The continual adaptation of modern technology to the discovery of shipwrecks, especially historically significant shipwrecks, is something that fascinates me.  So when I saw this story in Salon about the use of a 3-D sonar to reveal hidden features of a Civil War shipwreck off the coast of Texas, I just had to read it.   And if that sort of thing interests you, go check it out, because I am going to babble about history geek stuff for a little while and you might as well understand what I am talking about.

There are a great many other historic shipwrecks that I would like to see discovered, and perhaps preserved.  The U.S.S. Tecumseh in Mobile Bay comes to mind, especially since the wreck is apparently well-preserved.  The U.S.S. Monitor was in terrible shape when they found it, which was a shame, because obviously it was historically quite important.  They did manage to recover the turret and some other items from the wreck, now at the Mariner’s Museum in Virginia, and they are still in the process of identifying the remains of the crewmen that were also recovered.  But I think that the Tecumseh is also important, as it would show how the technology evolved in newer designs of monitors.

I would also like to see someone find the wreck of the Collins line steamship Arctic, which I would consider to be a historically significant wreck for a variety of reasons, and perhaps do some exploration of the wreck of her sister ship Pacific, which has apparently been found.


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