Our “dog-cat” Scratch

One of my favorite political bloggers (John Aravosis over at AmericaBlog) loves animals so much that he now has a whole section of his website devoted to pets.  Just like Kelly and me, he often talks about the latest goings-on of his own animal companion and those of his friends on the blog.

Recently, he put up a post discussing the phenomenon of cats that act like dogs.  And he included a video.

Now, Scratch may not do all of those things, but he does some of them, and he does other things that make us think he relates more to Rerun and Thumbelina than he does to Bucky.  Like this.

The famous photo that made it to the Pets section at Boston.com
The famous photo that made it to the Pets section at Boston.com

Whenever the dogs go outside to go to the bathroom, Scratch wants to go with them.  In fact, whenever they would go in the back yard in nice weather, Scratch would cling to the screen door in the kitchen and meow loudly and pitifully as he watched them. He did that so much he really tore up the screen and I actually had to replace that part of the screen on the kitchen door with glass so he couldn’t do that anymore.  But he still tries to look outside when they go out.  Even when they go out the front door, he will jump up in the window so he can see them.  He loves being outside and he wants to be outside with the dogs.

So when we got a lot of snow two years ago, Kelly decided to put a harness on him and take him out, just to see what he would do.

He loved it.

But since we have not had anything like that amount of snow in two years, his time in the snow lately has been nonexistent.  Poor baby.  He’s like the Ugly Duckling, but with dachshunds.


2 thoughts on “Our “dog-cat” Scratch”

  1. Perhaps the Big-Assed Storm(tm) will provide another opportunity for Scratch the Dog-Cat(also tm) to explore the wintry hinterlands?

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