Possible blizzard coming

The possibility of snow this weekend went from possible snow earlier in the week to winter storm watch to blizzard watch today as the weather forecast for Thursday through Saturday was refined by meteorologists.  And all this on the 35th Anniversary of one of the biggest snow events of my generation – the Blizzard of 1978.

This will mean that working this Friday, as Kelly and I are both supposed to do, might prove to be a bit tricky, as predictions that travel will become extremely difficult, if not impossible, are already being made.  The French Toast Alert System is already upgraded to Severe, so I better run out and get bread, eggs, and milk.  Heh.  Or at least milk, because we actually need some.  As far as emergency Nor’Easter rations go Kelly actually prefers pizza, and who am I to argue?  Just need to make sure I have everything I need to make it.

Well, yeah, we may get buried under drifts or whatever, but to find the silver lining, at least I will finally get a chance to use my little snowblower again.  And you can bet that this event will lead to some pictures and maybe some video.   The comedy value of the animals in deep snow is just too great to pass up. Especially Scratch.  He will be at the window like “Yes… my time has come.”

Since we are meeting tonight at the police station I imagine that we volunteer police will find out the likelihood of getting called up to work during the blizzard.  We’ll see.


One thought on “Possible blizzard coming”

  1. Hang in there and be safe, you two. Please let those of us out of shouting range but not out of caring range know if there’s anything we can do for you from a distance.

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